Webcast: Wellness in the Workplace

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In each new installment of the Sum180 Webcast, we discuss issues around your money and share tips to help you reach your goals.

In this installment of the Sum180 Webcast, we’re talking about wellness programs in the workplace and how to get the most out of them.

What are your thoughts on wellness in the workplace?

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One thought on “Webcast: Wellness in the Workplace”

  1. Sometimes it is the little things, in our staff room one of my colleagues has taken on the job of prepping a large water dispenser each morning with infused water. I have enjoyed lemon-lavender, cucumber-mint, orange-basil, and lemon-rosemary. Because of this I have easily doubled my water consumption at work. For me that is huge! But I will say that as a teacher it is hard to find the time to take care of health issues when they arise outside of a vacation time. Routine exams and check-ups can be scheduled for days off, but my reoccurring knee issue does not understand my school calendar.

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