Managing Your Money or How to Eat an Elephant

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Few of us feel confident in every situation. And in most cases, not having all the answers all the time is no big deal. As we move through life, we come to appreciate our individual strengths, recognize our weaknesses, and depending on the situation, we either adjust our expectations, buckle down to learn an important new skill, or, if we have the option, we find someone – a team or partner – whose strengths complement our weaknesses, whatever those may be. In short, we get help. Simple, right?

So why doesn’t asking for help feel simple when it comes to managing our money?

Breaking it down

Tackling anything complicated for the first time can be mystifying, even scary.  The key is to break down the larger goal into small, manageable tasks, and to move forward at whatever pace feels comfortable to you. After all, no one learns to cook by preparing a four-course gourmet meal. No one starts a new fitness program by doing IronMan. You just have to start where you are, and build from there. Taking the first step is often the hardest part.

If you are tackling your finances for the first time, know a few things:

  • No one can do all the work for you, but we can help – and it will be easier than you think.
  • Whatever your situation, you can move forward from here.
  • It will feel amazing to get started – and you might even have fun along the way!

Empowerment— in three steps

Because we’ve seen how empowering finally dealing with your money can be, we designed every Sum180 Plan have no more than three next steps. Instead of giving a client a big, bulky financial report packed with industry jargon and complicated recommendations (which, let’s be honest, no one would ever read), we tell a client just the three things they can do now to have the greatest positive impact on their situation. When you are ready, you update your profile and receive a new set of three steps. You move forward at the pace that is right for you.

Eventually, you come to trust that the ground is solid beneath your feet. Your confidence grows and deepens as you complete a step and use that to build on the next one.

As one of our financial advisers says, “There is only one way to eat an elephant. One bite at a time!”

It’s true. The trick is knowing which bites to take, and when. Whatever your starting point, whatever your goal, if you move forward step by step, even large goals start to seem possible. For us at SUM180, nothing is more rewarding than the moment when a client, who has been tense and fearful, finally breaks into a smile and says, “You mean it’s this easy?”

Yes. It really can be.


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