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January 25, 2019, Financial Impulse

To achieve financial wellness employer behavior must change

December 10, 2018,

Can Utilizing Behavioral Change Theory Boost Financial Wellness?

December 5, 2018,

11 Ways to Save on Holiday Spending

November 30, 2018,

Financial Crisis? Here's How to Get Through It

October 31, 2018, Quicken Loans

How to Make a Budget

October 23, 2018, Credit Donkey

Americans are getting unfairly shamed about this money move

October 22, 2018, Moneyish

Road Block: Robo Advisors Can’t Find ‘On-Ramp’ To Help Investors

October 4, 2018, Advisor News

Are your employees financially fit?

October 3, 2018, Business 2 Community

Sum180 to exhibit and attend The Ascent Conference on October 3rd and 4th in New York City at Pier 36

September 25, 2018, NASDAQ
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5 critical conversations to have before retiring

September 12, 2018, Employee Benefit Adviser

Gauging value of financial wellness plans a struggle

September 3, 2018, Pensions & Investments (PIONLINE)

How To Handle Loaning Money To Your Parents

August 21, 2018, Lifehacker Australia

5 conversations to have about retirement before leaving work for good

August 17, 2017, Benefits Pro

6 Ways to Earn Extra Money After You’ve Retired

July 31, 2018, OppLoans

Do Women Really Need Financial Advice for Women?

July 19, 2018, Forbes, Next Avenue

Three keys to financial success for the rest of us: Engagement, Personalization and AI

July 16, 2018, Shortlister

Salary Negotiation: How to Negotiate Salary and Succeed

July 11, 2018, U.S. News

Challenge Yourself: Take the 7-Day Financial Detox

June 22, 2018, GoBankingRates

10 Tough Conversations You Need to Have Before You Retire

June 20, 2018, MSN Money
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10 Essential Money Tips For New Gay Grads

May 30, 2018, The Rainbow Times

11 Money Rules You Need to Have Memorized Before You’re 40

May 18, Reader's Digest

Big tech conference draws four Louisville companies

April 27, 2018, Louisville Business First

KFC Foundation Offers New Personal Finance Program, MyChange, To KFC U.S. Restaurant Employees

April 22, 2018,

Fast-Food Chains Enrich Their Education and Financial Wellness Benefits

April 14, 2018, SHRM

KFC Offers Personal Financial Program to Employees

April 13, 2018, Franchise Times

KFC Expands Personal Finance Coaching for Employees

April 13, 2018, CEB Global

KFC workers to get access to personal finance help

April 11, 2018, Restaurant Business Online

KFC Foundation Offers New Personal Finance Program, MyChange, To KFC U.S. Restaurant Employees

April 11, 2018, Business Insider

KFC adds personal finance benefit

April 11, 2018, Employee Benefit News

KFC Foundation Creates Financial Advice Program for Workers

April 11, 2018, QSR Magazine

Financial Fitness for Franchises and Burke Likes Saratoga

April 11, 2018, Modern Restaurant Management

KFC Foundation Offers New Personal Finance Program, MyChange, To KFC U.S. Restaurant Employees

April 11, 2018, Louisville Business First

Smart money doesn't ignore this advice

April 6, The Fine Line Magazine

8 Small Financial Mistakes That Lead to a Mountain of Debt in Your 30s

April 3, 2018, Student Loan Hero

15 Money Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce

April 2, 2018, Reader's Digest

How to Handle Loaning Money to Your Parents

March 27, 2018, MSN Money
Republished in: Lifehacker Australia

How to manage money when you hate thinking about it

March 26, 2018, Wisebread

5 Simple Strategies to Save More Money This Year

March 6, 2018, The Cut/New York Magazine
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6 Financial Mistakes Newly Single People Make

February 28, 2018, MSN Money

5 Mistakes Women Make During Divorce — And How to Avoid Them

February 27, 2018, ParentMap

75% of Americans would quit Game of Thrones for $1000

February 25, 2018, The Street

5 Financial Do's and Don'ts When Moving In Together

February 16, 2018, US News

This is the year financial wellness solutions should be accessible to all

February 6, 2018, Workforce Management

10 Signs You're Living Beyond Your Means

January 19, 2018,

40 Ways to Save 40 Percent of Your Paycheck

January 3, 2018, MSN Money

#DoBetter2018: How To Pay Of Credit Card Debt

January 2, 2018, MadameNoire

Financial Tips 2018: How to get ahead on taxes, savings and insurance

January 1, 2018, USA Today
Republished in: The Chicago Sun-Times, CNBC

15 Powerful Money Habits to Adopt Before the Year Is Over

December 15, 201, The Keene Sentinel
Republished in: Citizen's Voice

How Improving Financial Health Boosts Productivity

December 6, 2017, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

These 'hot and fast' companies were honored for innovation

December 5, 2017, Louisville Business First

2017 HOT & FAST Innovation Award winners announced

December 5, 2017, The Lane Report

15 Powerful Money Habits to Adopt Before the Year Is Over

November 21, 2017, GoBankingRates
Republished in: Defiance Crescent News

Nearly half of Millennials get one crucial detail wrong about credit cards

October 31, 2017, CNBC
Republished in: Yahoo Finance

Negotiating Tips and Tactics for a Better Salary

October 19, 2017,

The Fun Way to Get Americans to Save More

October 9, 2017, U.S. News

Trending: Financial wellbeing in the workplace

September 27, 2017, CUInsight

7 Bad Money Habits That Lead to Bad Credit

September 26, 2017, OppLoans

30 Things You Need to Do Before You Retire

August 31, 2017,

4 Myths About Financial Advisors

August 30, 2017, U.S. News
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Push Your Clients to Seed an Emergency Fund

August 23, 2017, Advisor News

15 Money Management Tips Every Recent Grad Should Memorize

July 11, 2017, Reader's Digest

4 tips to negotiate the salary you deserve

July 7, 2017, The Seattle Times

4 Tips for Incorporating a Financial Wellness Program in Your Company

June 7, 2017, HR Daily Advisor

Employers Sharply Increased Financial Well-Being Benefits in 2017

June 1, 2017, SHRM

Earn Your Best Paycheck

June 1, Goerie

Negotiating Tips and Tactics for a Better Salary

May 30, 2017, The Network Journal: Black Professionals and Small Business News
Republished in: The Globe Gazette

I’m About To Go $40,000 in Debt for Grad School: Is it worth it?

May 25, 2017, Daily Worth

Money tips for new college grads

May 22, 2017, Albany Times Union

7 Ways to Break Bad Money Habits Faster

May 18, 2017, GoBankingRates
Republished in: NASDAQ, Salina Journal, Working Woman Report

Rents in San Francisco: It's time to negotiate lower rent. Here's how to do it.

May 18, 2017, Moneyish
Republished in: New York Post, California Political Review

I'm getting married: How do I protect myself financially?

April 13, 2017, Daily Worth
Republished in: Marketwatch

How You Can Get a Jump on Your 2017 Income Taxes

April 11, 2017, Next Avenue
Republished in: Forbes

14 Easy Ways to Save Money This Spring

April 7, 2017, NBC News

5 Smartest Financial Lessons Learned from Novels

March 20, 2017, Good Money (Good.Is)

Employee Benefits Addressing Financial Wellness Show Care, Drive Retention

March 13, 2017, HR Daily Advisor

IRS audits reportedly targets the rich

March 1, 2017, Fox News
Republished in: The New York Post

Why Robo-Advisors Will Not Replace Human Financial Advisors

February 28, 2017, The Street
Republished in MSN News/Money

Save or splurge? Making the most of your tax refund

February 26, 2017, Associated Press
Republished in: Fifty Plus Life, Washington's Top News, Wink Magazine/Citizen Tribune, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Hamodia, Salina Journal, ABC News, Washington Post

Millennials Continue to Chase Financial Freedom

February 17, 2017, GoodCall

Here's Your 4-Year Financial Plan For Living With The Trump Administration

February 16, 2017,

10 Money Rules You Need to Have Memorized Before You’re 40

February 14, 2017, MSN Money

6 Money Myths About Marrying After 50

February 13, 2017, Next Avenue
Republished in Forbes, Marketwatch

WTF is financial freedom, and how do you get it?

February 2, 2017, Glamour
Republished in: Yahoo News

How To Buy Term Life Insurance (and an intro to SUM180)

January 27, 2017, Stacking Benjamins

Why employers, employees should revisit their 401(k)

January 26, 2017, Employee Benefit News

Is 2017 the Year for Financial Wellness Among Your Employees?

January 19, 2017, HR Daily Advisor

Is 2017 the Year of Employee Financial Wellness Programs?

January 17, 2017, Society for Human Resource Management

Have you made your finances Trump-proof?

January 17, 2017, USA Today

Don't Let Money Worries Shorten Your Life

January 10, 2017, U.S. News & World Report
Republished in: Yahoo News

How to Financially Recover From the Holidays

January 2, 2017, GoBankingRates
Republished in The Crescent News, The Olympian, The Herald & Review

Adviser: Year-end is a good time to update (or create) a financial plan

December 29, 2016, Insider Louisville

Empty Nesters' Emptying Coffers

December 20, 2016, Human Resource Executive Daily

6 Money Moves to Consider Before December 31

December 20, 2016, Next Avenue
Republished in Forbes, Huffington Post, North Dallas Gazette

Overcoming roadblocks to transformational financial wellness programs

November 15, 2016, Employee Benefit Adviser
Republished in: Employee Benefit News

Are personal financial woes impacting your job?

November 14, 2016, Motley Fool
Republished in: USA Today, CNN Money, Fox Business, Times, Lincoln Journal Star,, The Chippewa Herald

Think you’re prepared for retirement? Answer these 6 questions

November 14, 2016, Washington Post
Republished in: The News & Observer, Lexington Herald Leader, Tri-City Herald, The Concord Monitor, The Spokesman-Review, Tyler Morning Telegraph, MSN News, The Miami Herald, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, NewsOK

18 Reasons Americans Are Afraid to Retire

November 8, 2016, ThinkAdvisor

Did you switch jobs mid-year? You may inadvertently mess up your 401(k)

November 5, Marketwatch
Republished in: Morningstar

10 ways to make the years before retirement count

November 1, 2016, Employee Benefit Adviser
Republished in: Employee Benefit News

401(K) Fail? Women Pre-Retirees Worse Off Than a Generation Ago

October 29, 2016, 401(K) Specialist Mag

12 ways to break through the barrier of financial inertia

October 25, 2016, Employee Benefit Adviser
Republished in: Employee Benefit News

Financial Wellness Programs Need More Than Just Education

October 14, 2016, PlanSponsor
Republished in: PlanAdviser

How to Negotiate a High Starting Salary

October 13, 2016, GoBankingRates
Republished in: Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News

5 Things Near-Retirees Need to Do Before Calling It a Career

October 12, 2016, The Street

Financial Stress at 5-Year High: How Can Victims Bounce Back?

October 11, 2016, The Street

Multifamily residence could provide retirement income

October 2, 2016, Newsday

More Retirees Turning To Multifamily Homes For Income

September 21, 2016, Financial Advisor Magazine

3 Money Myths You Shouldn't Believe

September 19, 2016, The Street
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Boomer dilemma: Paying for kids’ college, or reducing debt

September 17, 2016, Newsday

Lending money to family? Make sure to get it in writing

September 7, 2016, USA Today

Pay a Full Year of College, the Painless Way

September 7, 2016, University Herald

The Most Painless Way to Pay for a Full Year of College

September 6, 2016, Marketwatch

Cutting Kids Off Can Boost Retirement

August 19, 2016, PlanAdviser
Republished in: PlanSponsor

Funding Your Retirement 8 Quick Ways

August 19, 2016, FX News Call

10 Nontraditional Ways to Fund Your Retirement

August 18, 2016, U.S. News & World Report

8 Money Moves to Make Before You Start Investing

August 17, 2016, WiseBread
Republished in: CBInsight

Don't Settle for a Low Salary on Your First Job

August 17, 2016, The Street

Empty-Nesters Need to Trim Household Expenses to Save Their Retirement Prospects

August 4, 2016, The Street

How To Make Extra Money In Retirement

July 29, 2016, Black Enterprise
Republished in: Huewire

21 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Retire

July 6, 2016, GoBankingRates
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How Millennials Are Changing the Color of America

July 7, 2016, Black Enterprise
Republished in: Huewire

20-somethings: Plan for the future like Social Security won't exist

June 24, 2016, Business Insider

Women and Retirement: Making Up the Difference

June 19, 2016, Workforce

Should I open up a credit card in college?

June 17, 2016, CNN Money
Republished in: GANT News, News4JAX, Your4State

7 Signs You Need a New Financial Advisor

June 17, 2016, U.S. News & World Report
Republished in: Yahoo News

Wealth-building Tips for Twentysomethings

June 14, 2016, The Street

Women STILL Hate Wall Street - Just When They Need It Most

June 13, 2016, MediaPost

How to carry debt and 8 more retirement savings tips for Millennials

June 10, 2016, Investor's Business Daily

These Powerful Must-Haves for Female Breadwinners Build Financial Security Safely (What to do with the "bacon" once you bring it home)

June 9, 2016, Black Enterprise

What Women Must Know about Money and Divorce, Part 2 (

June 9, 2016, Black Enterprise

What Women Must Know About Money and Divorce, Part 1 (How to avoid financial pitfalls when marriages break down)

June 9, 2016, Black Enterprise
Republished in: Financial Juneteenth

Make sure you do this in your 20s, so your 30s are amazing!

June 6, 2016, SelfLender

Money Musts for Female Breadwinners

June 6, 2016, Black Enterprise

What Millennials Can Teach Us About Money

June 1, 2016, Black Enterprise

9 Things Newlyweds Can Do Now to Have More Later

May 27, 2016, GOBankingRates
Republished in: The Ledger, The Keene Sentinel (Sentinel Source), GoErie

Majority of Millennials Not Participating in 401(k) Plans

May 26, 2016, (EBN) Employee Benefit News

Good References Are Key in the Search for a Financial Adviser

May 21, 2016, Washington Post
Republished in: Chicago Daily Herald

9 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Finances

April 30, 2016, Forbes

Employees' Financial Issues Affect Their Job Performance

April 29, 2016, Society for Human Resource Management

The New Online Financial Planning Firms Just for Women

April 25, 2016, Next Avenue
Republished in: Forbes

13 Money Mistakes That Are Keeping You in Debt

April 4, 2015, SELF Magazine

Almost 50% of U.S. Household Breadwinners Are Women

April 8, 2016, The Street

American Women to Wall Street: "We hate you"

March 28, 2016, The Street

The Dicey Retirement Gamble Americans Are Making

March 22, 2016, NextAvenue
Republished in: Forbes

4 Ways Women Get Screwed in Divorce

March 15, 2016, DailyWorth

Six financial mistakes newly single people make

March 13, 2016, Christian Science Monitor

Financial Planning Tackles Gender Savings Gap

March 10, 2016, Society for Human Resource Management

Navigating Red Tape When Switching Financial Advisers

March 7, 2016, U.S. News & World Report
Republished in: Yahoo Finance (Canada)

Are Retirement Calculators Accurate? Financial Gurus Don't Think So

March 6, 2016, The Street

10 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Save Money

February 29, 2016, U.S. News & World Report
Republished in: Yahoo News

How to Better Engage Women in Financial Wellness

February 16, 2016, EBN (Employee Benefit News)

5 Signs You Should Can Your Financial Advisor

February 12, 2016, The Street

9 Myths about Marriage and Money - Debunked

February 9, 2016, DailyWorth

30 Important Things to Do Before You Retire

February 4, 2016, GoBankingRates
Republished in: AOL Finance

Ways to Motivate Women on Financial Wellness

February 4, 2016 Employee Benefit Adviser

Finances in Your 50s: Expert Advice on What You Need to Do Now

January 26, 2016, Zing by Quicken Loans

7 Things You Should Know About A Robo Advisor

January 8, 2016, Investor's Business Daily
Republished in: NAAIM

Laid Off? 9 Changes to Make Today

December 5, 2015, GoBankingRates

Surviving Black Friday: How to Set a Budget and Stick to It

November 23, 2015, USA Today and CNBC

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