Webcast: Managing Your Money Over the Next Four Years

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In each new installment of the Sum180 Webcast, we discuss issues around your money and share tips to help you reach your goals.

If you’re questioning how you should be dealing with your money over the next four years, you’re most definitely not alone. In this week’s webcast, we’re talking you through ways to manage your finances under the current administration.

Do you have any tips yo share on making a game plan?

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One thought on “Webcast: Managing Your Money Over the Next Four Years”

  1. While I really like the upswing in the market, it does have me a bit concerned. I feel it is based more on anticipation of tax reform that is still to come. And even when (if) it happens the true results are still further down the line. Diversification is always one of the best ways to build in a bit of protection. Diversification and staying aware is what makes me feel better about staying the course.

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