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  • Good advice. This year I’m “deleting” the expense of buying new wardrobe items simply because they’re “trendy.” Goal: a minimalist wardobe of timeless pieces. We’ll see how much I can save!

  • For me I think it takes a shift from thinking “saving => spending” to “saving = freedom”. I used to have the right mindset but over time I’ve fallen into the trap of focusing on what I can spend instead of on the freedom to do what really matters most to me.

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    Mine is similar: MINDFULNESS. I’ve been on autopilot for a long time and it’s time to be more – like you said – intentional about my choices! 🙂

  • I love to save money wherever possible, but when it comes to coupons, I don’t think the time and trouble is worth it. I used to clip them but when the time came, I always ended up leaving them behind or not finding the coupons I needed in my big stack of coupons! I’d rather shop somewhere that has low prices.

    I’d love to know if anyone has found…[Read more]

  • I never heard of before! You guys are full of good ideas. Thanks for the tip, Kelby, and thanks for asking the question, Antoinette!

  • Wow, Kayla, I was just talking with my sisters about doing this! They weren’t on board with the concept – it’s hard to break the shopping habit – but I think it’s a great way to save money and also be more mindful in general, and appreciate what we have.

  • That is great advice, Kelby. It’s so hard to say no to loved ones, even when your brain knows it is the right thing to do. I never know what to say!

  • I had pet insurance for a while but eventually let it lapse. The premiums were fairly low and I thought at first I was getting a deal, but turns out, the coverage wasn’t all that great. In the end it didn’t seem worth the paperwork hassle. Sorry I don’t have better news.

  • There’s some really smart advice in this thread. I admit, it’s hard for me to always do the professionally recommended thing. Carrying debt just makes me anxious, so I’d rather deal with that and feel better right now. Whereas retirement still seems years away…

  • This is an important topic for the holidays, with so many social occasions and so much pressure to spend more than we probably should. Not everyone in the family has the same budget, but you want to do special things together. The holidays are a huge minefield of potential money mishaps if you ask me!

  • I agree with you, Josh, opening a retirement account is relatively easy – finding the extra funds to contribute is the hardest part! I’m starting to think the only way to make it happen is to make the contribution happen automatically, the way regular employees have their 401k contribution taken out of their paycheck before it hits their checking account.

  • Personally, I think of sales as more of an entertainment. It’s the thrill of the hunt for a good bargain, not really about finding necessities at the best possible price. So I admit that to myself up front and set a fixed budget for sale shopping (retail therapy) and that helps to keep me out of serious trouble.

  • Hi Josh. I’ve seen chatter about Bitcoin but I never heard of Litecoin. I don’t know much about this topic but I’m curious about your purchase “growing.” How does that work? Is it something you “invest” in way you might invest in gold or real estate?

  • This is a tough one! I tend to overspend, probably, on my pets… But if I needed to cut back on costs I’d probably consider a trade with someone I trust. That’s not the easiest thing to figure out, though. Are professional people willing to trade services, does anyone know?

  • My sisters and I JUST had a family summit about how to handle holiday gifts this year, literally just last night! There was some back and forth, but we finally agreed to make this year a simple holiday ornament exchange. No individual gifts, with the exception of the youngest kids. It will be so much easier on the budget! And, I was surprised to…[Read more]

  • I think Kayla hit the nail on the head when she said “psychologically.” People are different, so the right approach for one person might not be best for someone else… Maybe the avalanche method works for someone who is motivated by the emotional boost you get from seeing momentum build? But a different type of person, more mathematical or…[Read more]

  • I would tell my former self to be brave about starting my own thing, and find teammates who complement my skill set and personality. Also, I would tell myself that becoming my own boss is a goal I can reach incrementally – that’s what nights and weekends are for!

  • This is such a great topic, Kayla! I am just now starting to think about ways to do this. Years ago, I would sometimes do side writing projects in addition to my full time job. My last project like that was creating all the copy for a friend’s website. It was a pretty big site that they were revamping, and the writing took a lot of time, but hey,…[Read more]

  • I hope this is the right forum for this question. I didn’t know where else to put it.
    I’ve been trying to follow the news about the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. I’m self-employed and I get my health insurance through the Exchange, so this is very relevant to me. If I understand the latest news correctly, the following ACA…[Read more]

  • I posted about my delay in buying a home in another thread. Long story short, as a newly self-employed person, I need to wait until I have filed an income tax return showing my self-employment income for two years in a row. Only then can I quality for a home loan. In my case that means I may qualify in early 2018.

    In the meantime, I keep hearing…[Read more]

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