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    The first thing that I notice when I come to these forums is that there is more chatting on debt & spending than on saving. It made me realize just how boring saving can be. There is no thrill of the purchase, the bucket list, etc. Especially when the saving is to put away money just in case of emergency or something that’s not purchase focused.

    As a spender, I fall into that trap of thinking that purchasing something is a lot more fun than saving. I know that I need to make saving JUST as exciting as spending is for me. The only way that I know how to do this is by creating a WHY I SHOULD SAVE LIST.

    1. By saving I’ll have less sleepless nights and look GORGEOUS as a result. OK, well maybe not gorgeous, but I do know that I toss and turn worrying about money more than anything else. If eliminating the stress of not having a cushion in case something happens is turned into a beauty routine….then BRING IT ON.

    2. If I cut back on junk foods I’ll lose weight. That’s where the sexy comes in. At 63 I want to look FAB-U-LOUS and if I save the money that I would have spent on picking up a candy bar or a bag of cookies, I’ll justify it as my weight loss routine. It’s a LOT easier than counting calories.

    3. I’ll get more business savvy…especially after calling my credit card company, my cable company, and my cell phone company to renegotiate my rates.

    4. I’ll become the top barista around. Because I’m not giving up my large-half-caff-double shot-extrafoam-latte, but I’ll be making it at home (disclosure: I’m a former barista & can make those fancy-schmancy coffee drinks in my sleep).

    What other things can we do to make saving a bit more…well…SEXY?

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    Boost your creativity! When I don’t run out and buy a new dress, shirt or necklace, I am forced to use my right brain and dig deeper in my closet. Inevitably, I find a long forgotten top that is back in style or a bracelet I have not put on in years but LOVE. Not only do I look as good as I would have with that new outfit, I am “richer” for it!

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    I need to go on a closet safari soon. I have old dresses that I haven’t worn in years packed in a box. It’s time to take them out, try them on and see what they look like again…then add some great accessories I have lying around.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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    Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m the opposite lol. I LOVE saving – to the point that it’s actually a bit of a problem. My hubby loves to spend, while I prefer to put money away, but it’s all about balance, right? Soooo yea, I’m working on that! I get so much satisfaction from looking at my accounts and seeing that I have a really nice cushion. And when I do occasionally splurge on something, I immediately feel a sense of buyer’s remorse that doesn’t even allow me to enjoy what I bought. Hopefully one of these days I’ll have enough money saved where I’ll cut myself a little more slack, but until then, I’ll keep saving. 🙂

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