True Costs of a Pet

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    My mom moved out of the state so I no longer have a built in babysitter for my dog. Me and the dog are just sad without her but now I’m finding that I need additional help with my pup. I’ll be going away for a conference and I’m paying my little cousin to house sit/watch the dog.

    I’ve always budgeted for her health care and grooming but dog sitting is something I haven’t accounted for. How much do you budget for your pets to be walked/watched?


    I have a cat, so luckily, he doesn’t really need to be walked or watched, but he does have a medical condition that costs us about $200/month and it’s really been affecting our budget. Pets are such a responsibility and yea, they can be pretty costly!


    This is a tough one! I tend to overspend, probably, on my pets… But if I needed to cut back on costs I’d probably consider a trade with someone I trust. That’s not the easiest thing to figure out, though. Are professional people willing to trade services, does anyone know?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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