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    How many of you buy lottery tickets? I do. Not on a consistent basis, but I do buy tickets from time to time. Today someone is waking up as a brand new multi-millionaire! A winning ticket to last nights Mega Millions was sold in Illinois and that winner won an estimated 393 million dollars!! Wow!

    Winning the lottery ticket is not part of my financial plan, but I do love to dream! Everytime I buy a ticket I feel 100% certain that I hold the winning ticket. Every time they draw the numbers, I am left with a worthless piece of paper that gets tossed into the recycle bin. But in between the purchase and the drawing of the winning numbers, I dream. I dream about what I would do with that unfathomable amount of money. I would first and foremost invest the money and then spend the earnings. I would pay off all debt. I would buy a beach house and a vineyard. I would travel first class around the world. I would set up my own foundation to support my favorite causes. And yes, I would quit my day job.

    Taking this trip down dreamland was fun. And now it is time to get back to reality. A reality that includes a sound financial plan. Thanks SUM180 for my plan. Do you dream of winning the lottery? What would you spend your winnings on?

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    At my old job, we used to all pitch in and buy lotto tickets. We’d joke about what the company would do if we actually won and we all quit our jobs lol. I haven’t bought a ticket in a while, but I like to think that if I ever won, I’d do a whole bunch of traveling and then find some good causes that I can contribute to. I feel like I’d be a great millionaire lol. I’d be extremely generous and giving.

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    I love that you would be generous! I think setting up my own charitable foundation would be the best.

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