Staying Healthy Saves Money

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    Last week I headed to the doctor’s for my annual exam. As I walked out the door, I stopped to see if I needed to pay my copay. The receptionist nodded her head saying that my well-care visit was covered by insurance. That got me thinking about how much being healthy and being proactive with health care can help us save money. Keeping my biannual visit to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned along with daily brushing and flossing keeps the cavities away. Annual flu shots keep me from taking sick days. Screenings help me find potential problems early before they may be life threatening. Yep, I realized last week that scheduling and keeping my well care appointments is great for my health and my pocketbook.

    As I drove away I realized that no matter how busy I am, I really need to be proactive with my health. It’s a win-win for my body and my bank account. Have you thought about the connection between staying healthy and saving money?


    Absolutely! My mom has an awesome insurance package where she gets PAID to go to well visits. We’re talking checks of $100 – $300 if she visits and gets her annual exams. She typically does them at the end of the year and uses the checks for Christmas instead of her personal funds.

    I love all of the companies that are doing things like this. It rewards you for coming in before the problem begins or even just to get there because plenty of people avoid the doctor.


    What a good point! I used to work at a hospital and one of the things they used to focus on a lot is employee wellness initiatives. They certainly understood that the healthier their employees, the less costly their care, so healthy employees = a win-win for everyone.


    Couldn’t agree more with this! While eating healthy and staying on top of your health and wellness may seem expensive. It’s definitely a lot cheaper than having to pay outrageous medical bills.


    Antoinette, I would love to have that type of health insurance. Josh, it is like they say, “Better to pay the farmer than the pharmacist.” 🙂 Kayla, It is nice that companies have begun to realize that healthy employees are good for the balance sheet. My school has brought in a yoga teacher for us to have free yoga classes on campus after school. A nice little benefit for us teachers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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