Packing One Meal A Day To Save Some $$$

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    Earlier this month I took a look at my credit card and wanted to throw up when I calculated how much money my husband and I spent on food. I swear, you’d think that’s all we do – eat. Anyone else have that same problem? Anyway, this month I’ve made a real effort to pack just ONE meal a day so that I’m not spending money on lunch AND breakfast. I figure if I can cut my meal expenses down by just $5 a day, that’s still a nice little amount at the end of the month that I can save. $100 towards a nice vacation or a new camera…something like that. It’s a lot easier for me to make a quick breakfast than it is for me to make a quick lunch, so I’m making myself some eggs and toast in the morning and while it’s definitely cheaper than grabbing something on the go, it’s also a whole lot healthier. So far, I think I can do this. But man I’m so tempted to buy something every time I drive by Dunkin Donuts. #TheStruggleIsReal

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    Haha, nothing’s really going to compete with Dunkin Donuts, for sure, Kayla. A few years ago, when I started making more meals at home, I started working harder to find and regularly get great ingredients – farm fresh eggs, homemade bread, Peet’s coffee by mail order, veggies from a CSA, fresh cuts directly from the local butcher, European butter, mint from the garden (for Mojitos) etc. We’re noticing the home-cooked and home-packed meals are starting to be better than what’s out there. It seems a lot cheaper but I really should do a comparison and not just take it for granted.

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    Kayla, I teach school in a rural area so I have no choice but to pack a meal every day. With only 40 minutes for lunch, students that want to meet with me during that time, and nothing within 15 minutes of campus – there is no choice. 🙁 I always keep a stash of emergency food items for the mornings that get too hectic to pack something – soups, nuts, bars, tuna, crackers. It can be a lifesaver – and yes, packing a meal does save money.

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    Thanks, Stacey! I love the idea of having an emergency food stash! So smart!

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