Learning to Not Splurge

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    Hi All,

    Every Friday or pay day I just feel the urge to splurge. Sometimes its not even a pay Friday. It just has to be Friday… I try my hardest to not go to the mall down the street on my lunch or make excuses and say its okay to eat out today but its still really hard to not, “treat myself.” What are your tactics to stay away from splurging or overspending when you receive cash?


    Antoinette, money used to burn a hole right through my pockets every time I had cash! It is just something that over time I have had to learn to resist. The thought of paying myself first – and making a deposit to a savings account, is what has helped me.


    I think having a specific goal at the front of your mind at all times helps. Like, if I’m trying to save for a vacation, I’ll think “okay…do I go out to eat today, or do I put that money towards Disney?” That makes it a lot less easier to splurge on the non-essentials.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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