Hurricane Irma – The Importance of an Emergency Fund

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    I’m writing this today from Hoover, Alabama, as my hubby and I evacuated our home in Miami Florida last week to escape the potential damage of Hurricane Irma. We were certainly lucky – it seems our home only incurred minimal damage – but this entire situation has magnified the importance of having an emergency fund. There were so many people unable to buy hurricane supplies and/or evacuate to a hotel due to the costs associated with these emergency measures. I can’t possibly imagine how paralyzing it must have felt to not have the financial means to get your family to safety. I’m extremely happy we made the decision to evacuate, but it has definitely been an unexpected expense. I’ll later share the total amount we spent associated with this event, but if we didn’t have an emergency fund, we’d be in a tough spot.


    Kayla, I am so happy that you and your hubby are fine! How very scary the weather has been! My heart has gone out to all of those affected by both hurricanes. Yes, those emergency funds are important. I have heard so many people talk on the news of simply not having the money to evacuate or prepare throughly.

    And now the clean-up and rebuilding. That is going to take lots of money for many people as well!


    So happy that you are safe and that your house is still in good shape. This definitely makes me want to consider looking at my emergency fund to make sure I’m saving consistently. Natural disasters don’t happen much here but emergencies happen to everyone!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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