Experience vs. Possessions

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    Getting to the point in my life where I’m more concerned and interested in purchasing experiences vs. possessions. Being a self-employed person it can be hard to take the plunge and spend the money on a flight or a hotel, but at the end of the day I’m beginning to realize those are things I’ll never forget. Whereas a new gaming system or latest tech gadget will eventually become old and stop working.

    Anyone else made it to this state of mind? Any tips/tricks for resisting the urge to say “no” to experiences because of the fear of loss of money/fallout/etc.? Love being self-employed, but it definitely has its drawbacks – like no vacation time and no one working when you aren’t!


    I whole-heartedly believe in experiences over possessions! Keep in mind that all experiences do not need to be the big ticket trip somewhere exotic. Experiences also include an afternoon massage, attending a sporting event, a free concert in the park, and a morning hike up to a beautiful ridge to take in the view.

    The thing about taking the time to enjoy an experience is that it really can rejuvenate your sense of energy and creativity. Those are bonuses to the business plan in the long run. So I guess my advice would be to think smaller. What activity/experience can you enjoy for one afternoon? A baseball game? Kayaking down a slough? A museum exhibit? Get away and just enjoy! Surround yourself with other people enjoying the same experience and soak in the wonder and awe. The work will be there when you return, and you will be ready to tackle the job.


    I’m in the same boat — both self-employed and realizing that experiences are more valuable than possessions. Like Stacey mentioned above though, I’ve also come to understand that experiences don’t necessarily have to be expensive or involve a hotel or flight. In fact, my most recent experience was a weekend camping trip about an hour outside of town. The total cost was around $40 — significantly less than I would probably spend on a regular weekend. Better than that, I was able to break out of a creative funk and gain clarity on some of my business goals just by experiencing a few days of relative quiet.

    For me, the time away was more than worth it because when I returned I was more focused and better prepared to handle the day-to-day madness of business ownership.


    I’m 100% with you on that! And really, it’s one of the biggest arguments I have with my hubby. I would rather save up money to take a nice trip somewhere, where he’d rather spend on electronics and things like that. I love my home, but when I see how much STUFF I have around, it makes me sick. I don’t need anymore STUFF. Instead, I need to explore and make memories.

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