Does It Really Matter Where You Go To College?

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    I don’t want to start a huge debate over here since I know this topic can be kind of controversial, but does it really matter where you go to college?

    I have so many friends who opted for out-of-state schools for college and they’re now regretting their decision big-time, with tens of thousands of dollars in debt to repay.

    I, on the other hand, went to a state school, and have zero debt.

    I know that in some cases, your choice of school matters. For specific very specialized careers, the name on your diploma makes a difference.

    But for most careers, do employers even care? Isn’t it the experience you have that matters most?

    I understand that most young people will have to incur at least SOME debt in order to get through college. But if you have a choice in what college you go to, shouldn’t you opt for the college that’s the least expensive?

    What do you guys think? Would love to hear your thoughts.


    My bachelors was definitely a, “who would give me the most grants,” pick when it came to choosing. My Master’s was a, “what school will accept me without having to take the GRE or pay an application fee.” The Master’s degree was in state but VERY expensive and while I definitely like the feeling of going to a prestigious school I can’t tell you that it put me ahead of anyone when it comes to career or opportunity. The degree helped me get into management but the school made no difference. The school that I got my bachelor’s degree at also didn’t help besides being able to connect with others that are alumni but its never lead to a job. I stayed in the state that I went to college so everybody and their mom is an alumni.

    The program was AMAZING and worth every cent but I would have chosen another option based on price if I had of known what I was doing.


    Kayla, we now have four college graduates – two more to go! I can say that the school choices affected the experiences that they were afforded and in that way, the school choice made a difference. Now, I also think that students are offered amazing experiences at many, many colleges and universities. It is all about taking advantage of the opportunities, getting to personally know professors, and participating in clubs and service groups. Four of our kids based their choice on the area of study and what they would have access to in their majors: Screen Writing (Film School) and English Lit; Nutritional Science; Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology: and Civil Engineering. Our Anthropology major choose her university based on location. She really wanted to study and live in a specific city.

    Our Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major is currently applying to medical school. They first look at grades and test scores – then they look at experience. I am not sure that the name of her undergraduate university will make a difference. It really is grades, test scores, and then experiences.

    I think college is like so much else in life – you will get out of it what you put into it.


    I didn’t go to college whatsoever (minus a quick stint in business school) and am very successful in my field and living a well rounded happy life. I don’t think college is technically a good fit for everyone!

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