Boosting Savings with a Garage Sale

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    I have a sort of love/hate relationship with garage sales. More than anything, I enjoy the hunt. Finding gently used items, and paying pennies on the dollar for them is like a game — a game that probably only money nerds would enjoy — but a game nonetheless. In addition, over the years I’ve had several garage sales and made a pretty decent amount of money each time.

    What I hate is the amount of work it takes to pull one off. Well, that and the fact that sitting outside for hours in the Texas heat is not an ideal way to spend your Saturday morning/afternoon. Despite those two ‘inconveniences’, I’ve decided to have a garage sale this weekend to get rid of clutter around the house and make a few dollars to boost my savings.

    Any tips on minimizing the stress (and increasing profits) when having a garage sale?


    How exciting!! I’ve never hosted a garage sale but my parents did a few weeks ago and made about $400. It might not seem like a ton of money, but it’s $400 more than they had earlier that week and they were able to get rid of so much clutter. If you’re going to throw that stuff away anyway, definitely worth an attempt at a garage sale. Hope yours is successful!


    I haven’t had a garage sale in a long time, but the key to success was setting up and being ready early. Serious hunters start their day early! Good luck!


    Thanks, Kayla! We actually postponed the garage sale until next weekend, but I would be more than happy to match what your parents did w/ $400 and less clutter.


    You’re right, Stacey! The one we had last year had people stopping by when we were still getting everything out…and that was like 6:30am!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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