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When it comes to money, most people just want to have enough. What’s enough? The answer is all about you – it’s an entirely personal thing. Your journey starts wherever you are and moves step by step toward your goals.

Research suggests “enough” includes:  

  1. Being able to cover your day-to-day expenses; and
  2. Putting away about 10% of what you make toward retirement every year; and
  3. Having a cushion so you can enjoy the occasional indulgences that make life so sweet.

Sum180 helps you prioritize how you use your money so you can get on track with all three of these over time. How? 

First, we help you get a handle on where you are.

  • Get a Starter Budget in seconds. Based on your income and household size, your Starter Budget is a starting point that you can explore and customize. Having a budget is the most important step in unlocking your financial path.
  • Link your accounts with Track My Money to see everything in one place, and keep your budget and transaction information easily updated.
  • Explore Daily Kickstart to get Tips, insights and Challenges to help you set your goals and be mindful of them every day.          

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Then, we help you figure out what to do next.  When you give us a little information about your #msoo – what you Make, what you Spend, what you Own, and what you Owe – Sum180 gives you the right Next Steps for you.

  • Select Get My Next Steps to get your personalized, individualized action steps.

You’ll find that each Next Step is simple to understand and accomplish. That’s not the same as “easy” though, and we know it.  You’ll need to change how you spend money and save it to accomplish each step. Knowing what to do makes that a lot easier! Lean on us along the way for support, progress reports and encouragement.

  • Schedule a Chat with a Coach for a 15-minute one-on-one session. You’ll be amazed how much it helps to have someone to bounce your ideas and concerns off of.


Covering your expenses, saving for retirement, and being able to do some fun stuff – that’s the backdrop of living a life you love without stressing about it.  Get started today, your future self will thank you!

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