Writing a Personal Financial Mission Statement

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    Our recent car purchase, where my husband and I were able to come to a compromise, got me thinking about writing a personal financial mission statement. I am a teacher and this last year my students ran a used book store as a vehicle to raise money for a local charity. (They raised over $1,700!) One of the first things we did as a class was to write a mission statement for our newly formed business. Whenever there were opposing viewpoints on decisions to be made, the students referred to their mission statement. This proved over and over again to offer them unbiased, non-emotional guidance, and allowed them to move forward. After all, they wrote the mission statement.

    I love my retirement vision board, and I think adding a personal financial mission statement will be another positive support to help my husband and I manage our finances and stay focused on our goals. So this weekend, we will work on writing one together. In writing a mission statement we will consider our purpose, create a plan, and like with my students’ mission statement – always include the values that are important to us.

    I’ll let you know next week how the process went and what we came up with.


    Congrats to your students! I love your idea of a financial mission statement. I think I’m going to start having my clients do that at work.


    Thanks, Antoinette. The students worked really hard. I was super proud of each and every one of them! I love that you are going to have your clients develop a mission statement. I think they are very powerful in helping us stay focused.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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