Unexpected Labor & Delivery Costs

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    Alright you guys. So our baby girl was born on Monday and this past week has been one of the roughest of my life. We love her tons and love that she’s finally here, but the labor and delivery process was definitely NOT what we expected.

    We weren’t prepared for a lot of things that happened this week, including the fact that as soon as Riley was born, she was taken to the NICU. We were separated, which was obviously super emotionally draining, but to make matters even worse, I was discharged on Wednesday night and she still had to stay at the hospital.

    Given that we live an hour away from the hospital, my husband and I decided to book a hotel room nearby. At $145/night, that definitely wasn’t in this month’s budget. Thankfully, we only ended up needing the room for 2 nights, but we learned that it’s not super uncommon for babies to require 10+ days in the NICU for monitoring.

    To add to those costs, I was planning on exclusively breastfeeding. However, with our baby girl having been in the NICU, it’s been extremely challenging to establish our breastfeeding since the NICU nurses bottle feed the babies. Now we’re currently supplementing and if this whole breastfeeding thing doesn’t work, we may be looking at 100% formula feeding – a budget item that will be SUPER EXPENSIVE and again, totally unplanned.

    This whole process has reminded me that even when I think I have my finances in a good place, unexpected costs come up in no time and that’s why having a good solid emergency fund is so important.

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    Congratulations, Kayla. So happy for you! It’s a very special time. Keep your emergency fund stocked, as it will be needed for the urgent care visits, the ballet lessons, the soccer cleats and many more wonderful and challenging surprises in the coming years.

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    Thank you, Carla! Yes, will definitely be working on increasing that emergency fund! 🙂

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