Those super-expensive credit cards with BIG perks

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    I am a traveler. More specifically, I am a travel journalist and blogger. I spend a LOT of time in airports, on planes, in hotels, etc. Just this past week I was on my way home from a Canadian press trip and I luckily got to sit next to another person that I knew who was on the same plane.

    We both had 2 hour layovers at the same airport…same terminal, and she had asked me to accompany me to the airline lounge with her. She whipped out her $450 per year annual fee card that shows she was a “member” and we whisked into this expansive lounge with free WiFi, drinks and a buffet that was out of this world.

    I enjoyed every moment of my wait (I’ve only been to these lounges when my host sent me via First Class or when I was able to upgrade free due to my frequent flier status).

    As soon as I got home I looked into the various cards and learned how much they really cost. As someone who travels often, I wonder if it is worth the cost, as by using this card I’d get free travel insurance for cancelled trips, emergency medical outside of the country, free checked luggage (I often have to pay because my host sends me back with more than I take & I need the items for an article), $200 in usage by an airline back, admission to lounges, and more. I’m very tempted by the perks, but wonder how I can justify the yearly fee.


    Zipporah, I travel a lot as well. Mostly because I have six kids with four of them living in other states as well as my family living out of state. I think every time that I am waiting in a long security line, that I should pony up and pay for the Clear Program, allowing me to whisk through the security line. I haven’t yet. Since I love traveling I try to keep it cheap so that I can go more places. But with some of the reward cards, we can actually be money ahead. I guess it comes down to doing the math. It sounds like the free checked luggage could really save you some money. Those checked bag fees add up!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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