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    So my hubby and I are 12 weeks pregnant with our first child and while we’re OVER THE MOON EXCITED, we’re also super scared! Sure there’s the whole taking care of a little human thing, but then there’s also the expenses associated with it! Since the baby’s not due until December, we still have about 6 months to grow our savings. Both my husband and I cancelled our gym memberships saving us $150 a month, and I’ve started to automatically transfer that money from our checking to our savings account. I know it’s silly, but I’m even starting to ask for cash back at the grocery store every time and even if it’s just $20, I’m putting that cash into a little jar we keep in our safe. Every bit counts, right? So tell me, if you’re already a parent, what are some of the things you did financially to prepare for your new baby, and what are some of the biggest expenses I should anticipate as a new mom? Need all the advice I can get! Thanks!


    Kudos to you and your husband for starting to save now. Here are a few expenses that took us by surprise:

    MEDICAL EXPENSES: Your baby will have multiple visits to the Pediatrician during his/her first year. Depending on your insurance the co-pay can take a toll.

    DIAPERS: If you choose to go the disposable diaper route they are expensive. I suggest doing research on the best value diaper out there.

    LOSS OF TIME: This one was probably the one that hit us the hardest. A new baby cuts into free time. Gone are the free hours to plan, prep and cook meals or comparison shop for pricier items. A new baby becomes costly because you start paying for convenience. Your takeout expense line sky rockets and you buy items that are easy to find rather than the least expensive option. I wish someone had told me the cost of lost time so I could plan for it ahead of time.

    Good luck with your pregnancy and baby and keep saving.


    Congratulations, Kayla! It sounds like you are really thinking things through! It’s been so long since mine were babies! I know that I always spent less on my kids birthday parities than many of those around me. When my daughter wanted a pony party, I did not rent a live pony. Instead I made a bunch of “horses” and they made excellent party favors! There are so many ways to have fun, be creative, and save money. I’d suggest freezing a lot of meals next fall, so that you have easy dinners when you bring your baby home. I agree – picking up easy prepared meals costs a lot more than cooking at home. Keep us posted!

    PS – I have two December kiddos. It’s a busy time of the year!


    Congrats Kayla! I’m so happy for you! I am not a parent but what I can say my clients often tell me is sometimes its splurging on the child too. They would pick up an outfit here and there because its relatively cheap when they are little but not realizing that $50 is magically gone from all of the “cute” stuff they bought the baby. They will grow out of it quickly or lose interest in it quickly.

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