Officially Unsubscribing From Promotional Emails

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    Over the last 48ish hours, I’ve probably received over 500 emails from retailers I’ve subscribed to in the past. SAVE NOW! HURRY THIS OFFER WON’T LAST LONG! 50% OFF BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND! That’s literally all I’ve seen in my inbox for days. And you know what? Reading those e-mails has cost me money because yea, I’m a sucker for a good deal!

    After about 4 different online purchases thanks to those promotional e-mails, I stopped myself and I thought about whether or not I would have bought stuff at this moment had it not been for checking my mail. Most of the stuff I bought – NO. Most of it I wouldn’t have bought because it really wasn’t a necessity. Instead, I was lured by the idea of saving 30-50% on stuff I didn’t need.

    So today I went through my inbox and I unsubscribed from about 30 different emails lists. Because if I need to buy something online, I’ll go onto a website regardless of whether or not I’m getting regular emails. Especially during the holiday season when shopping is constantly on my mind, I think this will help me avoid spontaneous and unnecessary online shopping and my wallet will thank me for it.

    Have any of you guys been though something similar? If you’re already over your holiday shopping budget, I highly recommend you join me and hit that unsubscribe button as many times as humanly possible! 🙂


    I think this is a great idea! I’m way too guilty of clicking through and purchasing things that I get in email that I in no way/shape/form actually need or really wanted until I saw it come through my inbox.

    Love that the new iOS offers a super easy way to unsubscribe from these emails directly from your inbox!


    I thought I was the only one that was going insane by the sheer amount of Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday emails I was receiving. Argh!!! I’ve used in the past to unsubscribe from multiple promotional lists in one swipe. This reminds me that I might need to revisit the app.


    Kayla, I wish I could “like” your post 50x because I would! The constant deluge of promotional emails is like browsing at foodpr0n all day when you’re TRYING to be on a diet. I have been deleting them as soon as I can in batches, but unsubscribing is better yet. Kelby – thanks for the head’s up, will check out, too.


    Hahaha I love that analogy! The two definitely don’t mix!


    My inbox on black friday was the worst! I still like to be updated on good sales and coupons so what I’ve done is continued to use my old college email address and I have all promotional emails sent there. This way I can still view the deals but when I want to and also help out the cashier who may be trying to hit an email goal. It keeps me sane lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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