My New Apartment Wish List

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    Hi All,

    I have plenty of things from my old place to take to my new place. I’m really happy to be taking it out of storage and freeing up some cash! Anywho, I realized that I’m still in need of a few things that I need or that I gave away during my last move. I really wasn’t thrilled about purchasing all new kitchen items. Even though plates and cups can be found for an affordable price it all begins to add up once you start purchasing pots, pans, silverware, etc. I don’t even have a toaster!

    So, while some of it doesn’t have to be purchased right away I started putting my wants or “can waits” on a wish list through Amazon. One day I decided to share it via social media and I was thrilled to see that people actually decided to help out and purchase some things on my list!!!!!

    Even though asking for people to contribute wasn’t the point I found that putting things on this list gave me something to look forward to and plan for. I can say all day that I need a new couch but because I don’t have a reminder or even a vision of what I want its hard to put the money aside to make the future purpose.

    Do any of you use a wishlist?

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    I love this idea, and while I’ve never made a wishlist like this I may just need to give it a go. Thanks for sharing, Antoinette!

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    You go, girl! I think that’s super helpful! I officially started to put together my baby registry the other day and I love that now I know what I need for the baby and I can slowly start chipping away at that list.

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