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    After this post, I heard from others on how they use gaming to save. Here are some more ways to make savings fun:
    $5 at a time: Remove all $5 bills from your wallet and set aside. After 6 months use the cash to pay down a credit card balance or splurge a little.
    Vision Boards: Create a colorful board to chart your savings goals or your dream house. Display in a prominent place to keep your goals front and center.
    How Low Can We Go? Choose a flexible spending category like groceries or entertainment and compete with your spouse to see how little you can spend in the category. Compete for several weeks to keep the action going. Extra bonus: it forces you to confront this budget line item regularly.

    What games do you use to make savings fun?


    I do the $5 game! I have a jar in my kitchen to visually remind me to take out the bills, but I’ve found it’s so helpful and easy and really kick starts my savings! The only reason why my fund is still tiny is because I hardly ever carry cash, but I’m starting to ask for cash back whenever I go to the grocery store so I have a few bills to save every once in a while. I like the How Low Can We Go suggestion. That’s a good one! If I tried it with my husband, I’d win for sure, but he’s competitive so it might be a great thing to try! Thanks for the ideas!



    I was going to say that this would be hard for me but I think asking for cash back like Kayla would definitely help out! Love this idea!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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