Maintenance Plans for Cars

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    Hi All,

    I went to purchase a car last night after turning in my lease. I had heard about the options to add on maintenance plans to your monthly payments to include repairs for the length of the loan. When it came down to it the plan was covering scheduled “maintenance check ups” that truly aren’t needed. Just another way to get you in the door and get some cash. The only real benefit was no payment for oil changes the entire time I owned the car. Considering the car is pricey when it comes to oil changes it may be worth it. Anyone else have experience with this or decided to add a maintenance plan?

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    I’ve heard that these aren’t worth it, but I’ve honestly never really looked into them. This is the first car I’ve purchased so prior to this one all my leases included the maintenance, but I think I’d rather pay for what I actually DO need as opposed to throwing away money every month if I don’t need to.

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    I’ve bought a few different cars over the years and haven’t purchased maintenance plans with any of them. I wish I could say the reason was financial, but it was really because the sales/finance people always seemed really shady so I never fully trusted what they were saying. After hearing multiple horror stories from people that did the opposite and purchased maintenance plans, I’m confident I made the right decision.

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    Thanks for your input guys. I agree with you Kelby. It just truly didn’t feel right to me and would have taken me over my budget.

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