If you can't buy three, you shouldn't buy one

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    I just watched a YouTube video around the concept of “If you can’t buy two of something, you shouldn’t buy one.” I know, I know…it’s not exactly mind-blowing, but I surely don’t give much thought as to whether I can afford more than one of something when casually swiping my card.

    Maybe some of you can relate.

    Since I’m always looking for extra ways to save money and this idea seems to have some merit, I thought I would take it a step further and challenge myself to avoid buying anything that I couldn’t afford to buy three of.

    Now, I know that it would be difficult to pull this off on big ticket items like a house, a car, large appliances, etc.. But on things like cell phones, clothes, shoes, stuff from Target, it should make me think twice about the purchase and (hopefully) lead to some significant savings in the process.

    Anyone else heard of this concept or tried something similar?


    I’ve never heard of this but what a great idea! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind next time I’m getting ready to swipe my credit card!


    I’ve never heard of this concept either. I definitely want to try it out!


    Never heard of this mindset, but it definitely makes sense!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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