I Said Bye to Subscription Services

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    Hi All,

    My account was being drained by the “little” things that I just signed up for here and there. I realized I was spending way too much money that wasn’t accounted for or that I’m actually not using. I cut off one of the gym memberships I had. Yes, I had two. I cut off the cable and that was a huge win! I took a look at all the small services I signed up to use for my business and cut back on my gsuite services, social media services and took a real assessment on which products I really needed and used. No longer need Adobe because I ended up using Canva much more often.

    I really was able to save a good chunk of change by doing this. My next step is to work on tracking expenses that I don’t really think twice about or just use because I’m being lazy. For example, I need to stop parking downtown and using Uber. The subway works just fine!

    What are some subscriptions you stopped or realized you didn’t really need?

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    I realized a few months back that many of the subscription services I had were redundant. For example, I had Buffer, Hootsuite, and Meet Edgar…all of which automate social media content. Same with Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva. Once I saw how much I was spending unnecessarily, I did the same as you and saved about $300 on miscellaneous subscription charges. For my business, I actually think there’s probably more that I could eliminate…I just haven’t taken the time to do it. The problem is, the subscription amounts seem so negligible that we don’t think twice about signing up. It’s not until several months (or years in my case) that we realize how much we’ve really been spending.

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    OMG good for you, girl! Isn’t it crazy how those little $9.99/month fees add up? I have the Adobe suite for my blog that I pay $50 a month for, but that service I actually use. Over time, though, I’ve seen all these tiny charges add up to a lot more than I need to be spending. Thanks for the reminder!

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    I had to admit how many subscriptions services I have anymore (including Tinder Plus, don’t judge), and it seriously adds up SO quickly. I’m about to cut the cord on a few of the video streaming subs I have. I literally think I have.. all but one anymore. Nobody needs that many, plus it’s way too easy to sit at home and binge watch every tv show/movie known to mankind when they’re at my fingertips!

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    I’m definitely guilty of that too!

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    No judgement here! You’re so right. I was paying for Hulu and Netflix and barely watch either of them. I stayed with Netflix since my family uses it big time.

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    I love Adobe and was considering it but I use Canva way too much and noticed I didn’t use photoshop much even when I had it for a year for free. It definitely helped me put things into perspective.

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