I Asked for Bills to Be Paid for Christmas

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    Hi All,

    So, its about that time of year to start loving your family up with holiday gifts. I am definitely not in the position to give large gifts this year and every time someone has asked me what I want I just told them they didn’t have to get me anything. My parents asked me if there was anything I wanted or needed in my new apartment and without even thinking I said… I would like a bill to be paid. I said it to be silly but my mom was all for it! Honestly, it would be better than buying a gift that I may or may not use.

    What do you guys think about this? Is it selfish? Is it inappropriate to ask?


    Hey Antoinette, I love it! At a certain point, you just don’t need any more stuff and yet our friends and family want to do something for us. I think this is super-smart. Well done!


    OMG what an awesome idea, lady! I agree 100% that that’s better than a gift you don’t really need. I always get so stressed out about money during the holidays and this year with a new baby arriving in 2 or 3 weeks, money is definitely tight. My mom to this day still insists on buying my hubby and I at least a few things, but I always struggle to come up with ideas of gifts that I need because well, I don’t really NEED anything. But paying a bill, that’s ALWAYS helpful. Maybe I’ll ask her to pay my co-pay from a recent doctor’s visit lol #adulting


    I think that’s a good idea Kayla! Copays are expensive lol

    Totally agree Cho. I don’t need anymore stuff!


    Hah, my parents asked me what I wanted yesterday for Christmas and this SERIOUSLY came at the top of the list. That and a few high tickets items like furniture pieces for my new apartment. I think it’s great idea! And it’s something you actually need not want.

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