Having A No-Spend Weekend

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    Is it bad that I sometimes want my husband to actually work on the weekends? Here’s the thing. It seems like when we’re both home on the weekend, we find something we suddenly need to go do or something we suddenly need to go buy that costs a lot of money. We can’t even go to Walgreens without spending over $100. LOL it’s crazy!

    So the next weekend that we’re both together at home, I’m going to try to establish a no-spend weekend. I’ve heard that even having a few of these throughout the year can make a big difference, so we’ll see how it goes. On a no-spend weekend, we’ll do exactly that. Not spend a penny. No going out to eat, no random shopping trips…we won’t even rent a movie on iTunes. I think we can make it happen, we just have to commit to it.

    Anyone ever tried this tactic? Has it worked for you? Advice on how to not have it be a total failure? Would love to know!


    Wow, what I great idea. AND a big challenge I think! I would love to try this but the biggest obstacle for me would be getting everyone in the household on the same page. Even when I think I’ve prepped beforehand, at the last minute someone will always REALLY REALLY need to pick up some Italian takeout, or run out of shampoo. Maybe tougher enforcement is what I need to make it work. Aha: being prepared to say NO is key! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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