Have you heard of the Diderot Effect?

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    The Diderot Effect is a totally new concept to me in the sense that I have never heard this term before, but I am fascinated because I have fallen victim to this effect many times. The Diderot Effect is a social phenomenon that causes you to spend more money. Yep, it is the name of the situation where you buy one item, and then that purchase makes you realize that you must also have item #2. Now that you are the proud owner of #1 and #2 – you really must buy item #3 – because it all goes together perfectly!

    Just like the video I say on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_6_3tvG4_M where she bought a yellow skirt – I once bought a blue skirt, but I didn’t have a top to go with it – so I bought a coral top. But I didn’t have a necklace that went with both blue and coral so I bought a new necklace, and then a new pair of sandals. I bought all of this because I found one navy skirt on sale for $15 at Nordstrom Rack. The double sad thing? I have never, ever worn that skirt!

    I love that this blogger shares the tip to buy for who you are today. Don’t spend for the lifestyle that you want. My navy skirt was unlike any other skirt that I owned. And while I loved the style on other people – it really wasn’t me. I thought it could be me, but every time I tried it on and looked in the mirror, I ended up taking it off and putting something else on. This really is about making conscious choices when we are spending, and to think of the total cost of each purchase.

    Great tips for me to think about because I have fallen into the Diderot effect numerous times. Have you fallen into this cycle before?


    Thank you for sharing. I had no idea what it was called but when I was in sales we capitalized on this all of the time. Each package was either missing a piece or you couldn’t get the best results without the add-ons. It’s a trap for sure. Fortunately for me once it needs more than one piece I get frustrated and no longer have an interest lol


    I find it is easy for me to get sucked in! I now know to be more aware.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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