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    Hi All,

    Do any of you have a budget for how much you donate? I’m building out my plans to volunteer and give back in 2018 but I want to know what you think a reasonable budget is, especially with so many initiatives and Giving Tuesday coming up.


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    You know, I wish I had more money to donate myself, but things are a little tough these days with a little one on the way. I’ve found that donating my time and donating old clothes I no longer wear are still ways I can give back without it hurting my bank account so much. That being said, I hope to eventually be at a point where I can be as generous as possible with my money. There are definitely a lot of great initiatives out there, but remember, there’s only so much you can do. Donate what you can, when you can, but make sure you can pay your own bills first lol

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    That’s a really good point. It doesn’t have to be financial and you can still help out. I like that a lot better than just giving money.

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    The national average is around 3%. So, for budgeting purposes, maybe that’s a good place to start? Totally agree with making sure that our possessions get a second life, though, too. That’s a great way to give back and keep things out of the landfill, too.

    You can also use sites like Charity Navigator to help you find organizations to work with if you’re looking to branch out.

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