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    I just ran my credit report and learned that it lists an unpaid medical bill from several years ago. I had no idea! My credit score is pretty high but I no one needs a blot on their record. Anyway, the unpaid bill was only for about $200 and is easily taken care of. Just a reminder that it really is worth checking our credit report/credit history once a year. I used Credit Karma and it’s very simple and easy to use.


    Thanks, Lisa. Everyone should check their credit score at least once per year. You want to deal with any issues on it long before you need your score to be “good” (over 750) for something important.

    There was a hospital bill on my report for one of my sons which I never received. The credit agency sent me to the hospital, and the hospital confirmed that they did not have my address. I asked that the hospital (somehow) record on my credit report that it was their error, not mine. Guess what? No go. So you also need to clean up items, and wait for a while until they “fall off” your report (9 months, I think?). Anyway, plan ahead!

    Here’s my question: I’ve heard that your credit score can affect other things, like your insurance premium. Any credit experts out there know if that is true?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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