Creating Retirement Goals

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    I’m currently reading Chris Hogan’s book – Retire Inspired – and I just love it! One of the biggest takeaways so far has been the idea that no matter how old we are, we need to create a vision of what our retirement looks like.

    Gone are the days when retirement was just for old people. Retirement isn’t something that we should only think of in terms of age 65+. Retirement should be about getting to a point in our lives where we can do whatever the heck we want to do with our time, instead of what we HAVE to do because we need the money.

    Chris Hogan’s a really smart guy and I love how he talks about the importance of creating retirement goals for ourselves. If we have a clear vision of what we want our retirement to look like, then we’ll probably be a lot more likely to make those goals a reality. Do you want to buy property on an island somewhere and spend your days at the beach? Do you want to take off in an RV and drive across the country seeing everything there is to see? Do you want to spend your days visiting your grandkids or volunteering your time in a way that gives back to others?

    Think about it, and have those goals fuel you while you work towards retirement. Here are my goals as of right now, and let me tell you, I’m really excited to get to a point where I can do these things. Hopefully well before I’m 65.

    1. Have enough money to visit my kids and grandkids whenever I want
    2. Buy an RV and visit every state in the US
    3. Enjoy a day at a luxury spa at least once a month
    4. Start some kind of non-profit organization or foster home for kittens where I can play with animals all day

    Now it’s time to take action so that later on in life I can make all those things happen!

    How about you guys? What are your retirement goals?


    I love that this plan has real examples of the things you may want to do during your retirement. It’s not just making sure the bills are paid but to actually live comfortably. Thanks for sharing!

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