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    I just participated in a local event yesterday dubbed #GiveForGoodLou where several organizations around town used grassroots efforts to attempt to raise money, meet goals, and share their message.

    While I had several friends involved in more than a handful of the organizations involved I only chose to donate to two of them. Money, after all, isn’t unlimited. But my question to all of you is how do you decide who and who not to donate to? I’m getting to that age where I feel it’s my responsibility to give back when able but also don’t want to overextend myself.

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    Great food for thought, Josh. I have 2-3 charities I am passionate about that I focus on at any given time and I feel that others understand when you say, “I’m giving to XX this year, but will keep you in mind.” That said, I’ve noticed over time that one will drop and another will make the list, and that this happens every few years.

    I like to combine my “donation” of time and talent, along with treasure, for those I’m committed to. Do others find they prefer to go deep rather than broad with charities they support?

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    I choose to make donations through my business for the tax credits and it also helps to avoid taking money out of my personal accounts. It also makes me think about the initiative and if it fits well with my brand. Even if you don’t have a business its still good to think about yourself as a brand and what that brand would support financially. If you can’t give in that way there’s always non monetary donations and volunteering.

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    I’ve never really thought of this, but I think you just gave me that encouragement I needed to pick a couple charities that I’m really passionate about and make it a point to contribute each year. Thanks for the reminder!

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