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    I was just checking out Time Money’s 10 best places to retire list for 2015 and was happy to see that a neighboring city, Lexington, KY made the list as a runner-up for its “college town life.” No mention of my own town, however (Louisville) – in spite of the affordable cost of living, relaxed, medium-sized-city vibe, and terrific food scene.

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    What do you look for in a place to retire? Affordability, good medical facilities, good parks and a vibrant arts scene (lots of things to do) would be on my list.

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    What a really diverse set of choices! A friends’ parents have recently settled in Sarasota and love it.

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    There are some great looking cities on that list. As a Californian, I’d love to stay local.

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    This is a really cool list. I’ve only ever heard of people retiring and moving to Florida.

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    That’s really a cool list Cara.

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