Why buy when you can borrow?

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    What if you could harness the power of social networking to save money on common household items?

    If you only need to use a ladder for a few days a year, do you really want to buy one – then just have it sit in your basement the rest of the time? Probably not – but what’s the alternative?

    An intriguing answer comes from the online community NeighborGoods. The site takes an innovative approach to sharing resources with friends and neighbors – using social networking to make sharing faster, safer, and more convenient.

    How it works: The site allows community members to post information about items they are willing to lend, and browse listings to find items they want to borrow. Members can also rent, buy, or give away items outright. Like eBay, NeighborGoods displays user ratings to make you feel more confident about lending to or borrowing from strangers.

    If you find an item you want to borrow, you simply complete an online form:

    8-14-2015 3-59-34 PM

    Do you find the NeighborGoods concept intriguing? Have you used the site? Please share your thoughts!

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