What does "retirement" mean to you?

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    I was just reading an article in Entrepreneur called “What does retirement mean when aging may soon be a thing of the past?” One quote in particular caught my eye.

    Retirement is the point in life when you are pursuing passions, not figuring out how to put bread on the table.

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    I like this definition. Like many people, I expect to be working in my retirement, but I certainly look forward to exploring new interests and passions as well. I like the idea that retirement means having the freedom to do more, not less!

    What does the word “retirement” mean to you? How do you see yourself in retirement?


    Hi there! We are a “different” kind of retirement couple. We have 7 children ranging in ages 15 ~ 40! I know…we’re crazy. So although my husband will be retiring next year, he will still work part time. I may also work a little longer.

    We DO however look forward to being able to doing more during retirement than putting food on the table…it’s just around the corner!

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