Spend less on furniture: 8 shopping tips

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    Furniture is a big ticket purchase for most of us. Here are some shopping strategies that others have used to maximize their furniture budget.

    1. Shop big seasonal sales. If you can afford to wait for the right time of year (typically from December to January, then again from May to August), you can often find furniture bargains at up to 50% off.

    2. Be willing to negotiate.  Even a piece of furniture is already discounted, don’t be afraid to ask, “Is this the very best price?” You can sometimes negotiate an additional discount, especially at smaller, independent stores.

    3. Shop online. The same piece of furniture will tend to cost less online than from a retail store, because it can be shipped directly from a warehouse or factory. If you see something you like in a brick and mortar store, check online for a better price.


    4. Shop warehouse sales. Companies regularly need to clear out previous products in their warehouses to make room for new items – usually at the same time every year. Ask around to find out when these sales are, and you can find huge savings as warehouses clear out excess inventory.

    5. Explore non-brand names. When looking for bargains, don’t rule out no-name furniture. You can often find look-alike furniture at a lower price point that’s of equal quality to pricier designer versions.

    6. Opt for neutral colors on expensive pieces.  Manufacturers sell more neutral colored pieces so they can afford to produce them at lower cost than bolder colors that they sell in fewer quantities – and this translates to lower prices on these items. Consider buying a neutral color sofa and adding bold accent colors via pillows, throws, or framed art.

    7. Choose less luxe fabrics or materials. Instead of cushions made of 100% down, opt for spring and foam topped with down and you can save hundreds of dollars per sofa.

    8. Hold out for free shipping. Furniture delivery costs often start at $150 and go up from there. Consider this when comparison shopping – remember to look at “all in” prices, not just the price tag in the store.

    How do you save money on furniture? Please share what works for you!

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