Saving Money On Groceries With Delivery Services

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    We don’t even need to go to the grocery stores these days. Technology is amazing my friends! I recently started using a service called Shipt to deliver my groceries to my house, and it’s probably the best investment I’ve ever made ($99/year subscription fee). Here’s why.

    Obviously, there’s the whole convenience thing. There are times when I just don’t feel like getting dressed, getting in my car, and going to the store. So instead, I open up the app on my phone, select the items that I need, and BAM! A few hours later, they arrive at my doorstep. It’s legit like having a personal assistant and such a time saver.

    But then there’s the fact that I’ve actually saved a lot of money by being able to buy my groceries from home. I used to go to the store super hungry and would end up buying a ton of stuff that I didn’t need. I’d also forget that I already had 5 packages of pasta in the pantry and would pick up 2 more because they happened to be on sale.

    Using a delivery service, I’m able to go through my fridge, go through my pantry, and then just order the items I need for that week. I’ve been throwing away less food, being smarter with the food I do have, and I’ve been able to save myself an hour or two each week that I’d usually spend at the store.

    Anyone else love these delivery services as much as I do? Definitely worth trying out.


    I haven’t tried it, but I love the concept. The frugal side of me is concerned that I won’t be able to use coupons and would end up spending more. On the other hand, the I-hate-grocery-shopping-with-a-passion side thinks you can’t put a price on the feeling of bliss felt by never having to step foot in a grocery store again. LOL!


    I think this would help so much. I’ve always wanted to do grocery delivery but some services that only give you a few choices or dinner options aren’t the best for my picky eating. I also love that this is a little more instant rather than the grocery story where you may have to order much further in advance. I’m definitely going to check out this company.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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