Saving as a Couple

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    While I like to think that I’ve become pretty good at managing my own finances, navigating the financial world with a partner is a whole new animal. This past year I’ve entered into my first real-deal relationship and, while that’s all great and amazing, it has presented its own set of challenges.
    As a solo business owner and someone who has been on my own for most of my adult life, I’m having to re-learn how to do things as part of a team. Learning to let go of my own survival instincts and work as part of a pair has been hard, but also rewarding.
    Not only are my new beau and I planning our first big trip together (Tulum, Mexico in June!) but he’s also relocating to my city (Louisville) and we’re getting our own place together the very next month!
    As overwhelming as that is, we’ve found ways to combine our strengths, and increase our finances together. I’ve brought him on to help pitch companies and write copy for my blog so I can focus on photography, and the more creative aspects of what I do. And I’m happy to say that this has been more successful than I ever could have anticipated!
    The key to saving together is to have common goals, play to each other’s strengths, and always, always make sure that your partner feels supported.


    So true, Josh. All the hard work you do as an individual seems to grown exponentially when two people are working together. My beau just moved in, too, and in very short order I stopped treading water with my finances and started saving again. I like the idea of consciously playing to each others’ strengths – I wonder where that would take us? Looking forward to finding out.


    Couldn’t agree more Carla! Can’t wait to hear how you guys play into the other’s strengths.

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