iTunes + Amazon Purchases Are Killing Our Budget

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    I love technology. I really do. But now that our credit card is linked to services like iTunes and Amazon, technology is costing me a fortune. See, my hubby LOVES movies. And it used to be that he’d have to get up and drive to the store if he wanted to buy one. These days, he just presses a button on the remote and BAM! $19.99 charged to our card. Sure, we can watch the movie forever, but if he makes several purchases like this every month, it adds up! I’m guilty too when it comes to Amazon. I just shop, put stuff in my cart, and checkout. No need to get the credit card out, the stuff just magically arrives at our doorstep! The convenience is amazing, but I think I’m going to finally unlink our credit cards from these accounts. That way, if we REALLY want to buy something, we’ll have to go through the exercise of actually typing in our card information, giving us time to think about whether or not we really need to make that purchase. Has anyone else ever had to do this?


    Amazon is almost TOO easy to purchase from anymore! Especially since I have a card through them that’s directly linked to my banking account. I’m right there with you when I’m to the point of wanting to disconnect the cards!


    This was me and itunes! I linked it to my credit card so that I wouldn’t charge my checking account and possibly overdraft it for simple $1.99 charge but I realized I wasn’t being mindful with the credit card. $.99 here and there really adds up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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