Is Black Friday/Cyber Monday Worth It?

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    Ok so here’s the deal. Every year I make it a point to do my Christmas shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But for some reason, I always end up feeling like I’ve overspent instead of having scored some awesome deals. I know there has to be some kind of psychology to this – maybe a classic case of FOMO (fear or missing out) in regards to all the “deals” going on during this time, so in your experience, are these seasonal deals really worth it?

    Have you guys had a positive experience purchasing gifts on these days? And if you HAVE had a good experience, any strategies you’ve used in the past that have helped keep you on track? I’m thinking that if I do decide to shop on these days, I should probably have some kind of spreadsheet or list put together that’ll keep me from getting distracted with deals I wasn’t originally interested in. Anyway, any advice would be very helpful!


    My strategy is to create a list of things I NEED or that I know I want to give as a gift. No browsing or picking up things just because they are on sale. It also helps because you can possibly avoid things that will be sold out. I needed a bed and was able to score a King Size bed for $300! Didn’t have to stand in line or go super early. I just went when I felt and got the deal. Overall, if you have a clear vision of what you want and can get the prices before going to do some comparison shopping ahead of time that will definitely help to keep you from overspending.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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