Deciding On What To Invest In

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    As a business owner I’m often times faced with the challenge of wondering what really is worth the investment. That conference that I go to every year, learn very little, but is a great chance to network? Is it REALLY worth the investment? Who knows. Certainly not me. But the funny thing about being your own boss is that you get to figure these kind of things out for yourself.

    Over the years though I’ve learned that when in doubt the answer is usually yes. And by that I mean that if you’re nervous about pressing the trigger on something that will in some way, shape, or form positively impact your business or bottom line then the answer is probably yes and for good reason.

    Most recently I hesitated about pulling the trigger on FINALLY upgrading my camera. Did I really need to? No. Not really. My old camera worked just fine still, and it still takes great photos. But could I do better work with a newer, full-frame camera? 100% yes. A few weeks have passed since I finally pulled the trigger, and I’m so glad that I did it. Since then I’ve brought in several more jobs that I’m not only more confident about tackling thanks to my new gear, but that also will pay for the gear and then some!

    Moral of the story? You and your business are always worth the investment, as long as there’s a purpose behind it. Yes, even if that means going to a conference that you may not learn a lot from, but will give you the perfect opportunity to get face time with brands and other folks in your field.


    Thanks for your post. I have been debating on redoing and upgrading my business website but keep questioning the investment. And an added bonus is we can write off the expense.


    Thank you for your post. I just recently invested in office space after being afraid to hit the trigger for over 6 months. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’ve been able to bring in additional income due to the focus and quiet time I now have in my new space.

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