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    Hi All,

    Holiday time is coming up and I’m thinking about getting another holiday job for the year. I enjoyed the extra income but part time retail work usually pays very little. I found that being on my feet for hours at the end of the day sometimes didn’t justify the pay but I also was able to pay a few things off/afford Christmas.

    I’m thinking of other creative ways to bring in some extra cash that doesn’t require learning new skills. What have you all done as a side job or to increase your income?


    Woof, after several years in retail management in big box stores I could never imagine doing it again, but working part time for a small, local business for the holiday could be enjoyable!


    I haven’t tried this myself as a provider, but I have recently been using apps like Thumbtack and Takl as a client. The apps connect users with providers of household services – everything from simple repairs to furniture assembly to yard work. From a provider perspective, it eases the burden of marketing yourself, bidding on projects, and scheduling. Once you’ve connected with clients and established a professional relationship, you don’t necessarily have to use the app(s) any more – it’s essentially a networking tool. I think this would be convenient for someone wanting to make a extra money for the holidays – you bid only on the projects you choose, so you are in total control of your own schedule.

    Of the two apps, Thumbtack seems to offer more “professional” services (eg electrical work) than Takl (house sitting) but there’s plenty of overlap between the two.



    Thanks for the ideas!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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