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    I worked at a co-working space for about a year right after I left my full-time job for the freelance life, and I had a love/hate relationship with it so I ended up leaving rather quickly. I checked out another co-working space yesterday and love the community/environment. My productivity was much higher than usual, and I left feeling very accomplished, always a good feeling.

    I’m considering jumping back into having a space to go work at that gets me out of the house, but the only thing holding me back is the price tag. At $199 a month for full-time or $99 for part-time it’s quite an investment, but when I sat down to think about it yesterday I probably end up spending about that much on coffee throughout the month so that I can work at a coffee shop. Crazy how those little things add up and can possibly keep us from larger purchases!


    I had a coworking space and I loved it but when I looked up it just wasn’t worth it. My space only allowed what I needed during 9-5 and I’m still working a 9-5. Also, it just wasn’t close enough to home. By the time I’d get there I would only have a few moments before I’d have to turn right back around and get home. I ended my contract when a big project was completed. I miss the space but its just not for right now so I completely understand weighing the good and the bad on a space.


    I’m actually facing a similar dilemma, as I just ended my contract at a co-working space I had been using for a little over a year. It was a great space, with really creative and helpful people, but for me, the commute (30-45 mins each way) started to become too much. The cost at $250/mth was not a huge issue because I felt like I was getting a great return on that investment since I could bounce ideas off of other people, the networking opportunities that led to new business, oh and free coffee and snacks.

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