Closet purge? Where to sell your stuff online

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    After my favorite online consignment store (Twice) was acquired by eBay, I did a little research to see what other options exist.

    If you’re spring cleaning your closet and want to make some money selling some of your stuff, here are a few established sites to consider (besides your local consignment stores, or of course eBay):

    ThredUp – Accepts a wide range of brands from affordable stores like Target through midrange and luxury brands like Kate Spade. They’ll send you a large postage-paid bag that you can fill with the stuff you want to sell. You then arrange for FedEx pickup and let Thredup do the rest. Thredup pays you about 20% of the sale price of your things. A nice solution if you’re pressed for time.

    Poshmark – No middleman here, just an app that directly connects a network of buyers and sellers. The site specializes in streamlining the process so you can be selling your stuff within 60 seconds. Style matchmaking also helps you connect with other users whose style is similar to yours, so you can browse their online “closets” more efficiently, and vice versa.

    Have you done any online consignment buying or selling? Any tips?


    Oh this is helpful. I am actually in the process of taking on this chore of purging my closet in the next day or so. I have quite a few things that is in good selling condition. I normally donate these things but the idea of making some money on a few items sounds like a win and helps me work towards my savings goal.


    I think there are great things to unload on ebay but they have to be of value. Ebay fees are too high now to warrant selling things worth very little. If you have a rare or highly sought item that is hard to find, Ebay is the way to go. Craigslist or advertising locally via your Facebook feed is good to get rid of hard to ship, bulky, or items that are not worth much.


    My teen daughter is dying to try Poshmark, but we haven’t actually done it yet. We’ve used things like Craigslist, OfferUp and Ebay.

    There are so many great ones out there now though!


    There are a lot of local selling groups on Facebook that are for selling things you are decluttering. Try searching for the name of your town and the words garage sale.


    I usually just sell my stuff on eBay, but it’s quite time-consuming and inconvenient. ThredUp sounds like a great solution- I can’t wait to check it out!


    I’ve heard of ThredUp! My friends use it. I never have enough patience to sell so I donate the bags to my local church.


    I love using consignment stores to sell our clothing. There is also Craigslist or eBay. We have a consignment event we sell things at twice a year and that helps a lot.


    Swap is another good one for kids/womens clothes and things like DVD’s and toys. They limit you to (3) 50lb (max) shipments per month, but they photograph, store and ship everything for you so it makes things fairly easy. All you have to do is ship to them and price your items.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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