A "No Spend" Month

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    Once or twice a year my husband and I declare it a “No Spend” month. And I decided that this month of March, even though it is my birthday month, is a “No Spend” month. We like to do this for a couple of reasons. First and foremost it save us money! Second, it also forces us to be a more creative with our free time. Instead of heading over to the coast and enjoying a restaurant meal, we might choose to hike and pack a picnic. Instead of Happy Hour at the local pub, my girlfriends and I potluck appetizers and wine in my backyard. We always have just as much fun and saving the extra money is a great way to allocate more of our money to our financial goals. “No Spend” does not mean that we do not spend any money – I do buy groceries and necessities. But this does eliminate apparel, entertainment, travel, and dinning out. Which brings me to the third reason I actually enjoy a “No Spend” month, it reminds me of all that I have. So much of what we spend our money on is “wants” not “needs”. Taking a break from the constant wants and focusing on needs allows me to see the abundance that already surrounds us. And finally, I feel like a rock star when the month ends and I have only spent money on the necessities.

    As for my birthday – we will be going out to dinner. I have gift cards to three local restaurants that were Christmas gifts that I received. I am not sure if this means that I am bending the rules a bit or not. But I already have the gift cards and they were gifts. I figure using one of them will be a great way to celebrate my birthday and not spend money in the process.

    Have you ever declared a month to be a “No Spend” month?


    I’ve done “no spend” weeks before and there is a sense of accomplishment and groundedness from it. So a whole month must be even better. I’m going to try it. Thanks!


    I love this joyful, mindful approach to saving! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    I’ve never tried a no spend month but I think this might be what I need. I tend to spend a little too much and on items that I don’t really need but want. If I can learn to curb my spending I’d be doing so much better.


    I like this idea a lot. I am definitely at the stage where I am trying to cut down on costs as much as possible. Over the past couple of months, I HAVE cut down on my spending, but implementing a no spend month here and there might really discipline a lot.


    I really like this idea, Stacey. Sort of like a juice fast, but for spending. It could be a good way for me to step back, become more mindful, and “cleanse” myself of spending habits that have become automatic. I think I take for certain expenses too much for granted. Just sorting my expenses into “wants” vs “needs” could be real eye opener!


    That is a good idea in concept to me but you know I spend wisely all the time (at least I think I do.) With a large family like mine it would be impossible to predict what we are doing at any given time and to say we are never going to eat out or something like that is not reasonable and just would set me up for failure. I may be on the road, we all may be and then there it is out the window. I am not a person that needs that type of restriction and find it better to try and do the best with our money all the time but not set rigid boundaries that are bound to be crossed.

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