Wellness is Wellness White Paper

New Russell Investments & Sum180 analysis on workplace financial wellness programs finds effective employee engagement can overcome emotional resistance

Wellness is Wellness white paper describes key insights from psychology and behavior change theory that help employees act on what they learn in workplace financial wellness programs

Seattle, WA/Louisville, KY—December 3, 2018—Global investment solutions provider Russell Investments and Sum180, an online financial wellness service, today announced the availability of Wellness is Wellness, a new white paper for defined contribution plan sponsors that shows how the latest insights from psychology can be combined with technology to increase the effectiveness of workplace financial wellness programs.

Drawing on the principles of behavior change theory already being used for physical wellness initiatives, Wellness is Wellness describes management tactics, communication strategies for different generations, and personalized “gamification” techniques that inspire employees to move beyond financial literacy and take action to achieve their retirement goals. The paper is authored by Sum180 CEO Carla Dearing and Holly Verdeyen, senior director, Defined Contribution Strategy at Russell Investments.

“Employers are understandably surprised when employees reach a high level of financial literacy and still fail to act on that knowledge. Deep emotions around money foster paralysis, even for employees who know what they should do next,” Verdeyen said. “The good news for employers is that there is a clear path to more personalized financial wellness programs that truly connect with employees and they may already use some of these strategies in their health wellness programs.”

Wellness is Wellness covers:

  • The definition of financial wellness
  • Why employers offer financial wellness programs
  • Best practices for implementing a successful financial wellness program, including
  • social cognitive theory
  • positive psychology
  • stages of change
  • gamification
  • generational needs
  • the ‘silo’ issue impeding the integration of physical and financial wellness

Additionally, the paper includes an engagement case study, provided by Sum180, of The KFC Foundation’s financial wellness program.

“The number and type of financial considerations Americans face daily have increased significantly. Yet, many lack the expertise and tools to effectively manage their financial lives. Employers are in a position to enhance their employees’ work/life balance by providing them with financial wellness programs integrated into existing health and wellness offerings. The key is providing a program that can be personalized to meet individual needs—and being patient. Establishing new/good habits, takes time, but the effort delivers the very worthwhile return on investment of healthier, and more satisfied and productive employees,” said Dearing.

Wellness is Wellness may be accessed here.


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About Sum180
Sum180 is a mobile financial wellness service that identifies users’ most relevant Next Steps to strengthen their financial picture—and makes those steps easy to accomplish.

Sum180 goes beyond traditional financial wellness services:

  • Sum180 is immediately engaging. Gamified mobile setup, tips, and easy budgeting offer instant insights and fun interactivity.
  • Sum180 offers highly personalized Next Steps—and the support to get them done. Personalized, right-sized Next Steps, how-to information, mobile tracking, and notifications for accountability empower action.
  • Sum180 provides coaching from financial advisers plus peer support. When users are ready to dig deeper into their financial picture, they have access to coaching from advisers and an online community of users, unfiltered, that allows them to explore and share.
  • Sum180 is independent and unbiased. Sum180 makes money from subscription and account fees, never from commissions on advice given.


Additional information about Sum180 may be found at https://hello.Sum180.com/.


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