Technology and behavior change theory will transform financial health – if we get it right


Louisville, KY—February 28, 2018—As the U.S. national crisis of financial insecurity continues unchecked, with just 39% of Americans reporting having enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency, Sum180, an online financial wellness service, is doing what no other company has done before: addressing customers’ whole picture, and providing not just precisely targeted financial advice, but also the uniquely personalized help customers need to execute it.

“People are struggling—and still not engaging in improving their own financial wellbeing—because we in the financial services industry haven’t given them the tools and support they can really use,” says Sum180 CEO Carla Dearing. The key to disrupting this dynamic: combining technology and behavioral change theory to deliver radically new financial wellness solutions.

Currently, only 6% of employees “strongly agree” that their company does things to help them manage their finances more effectively. Unlike most existing financial wellness programs, however, which tend to focus solely on financial literacy or education, Sum180 understands the emotional underpinnings of financial decision-making. This allows Sum180 to develop solutions that bridge the disconnect between: 1) knowing what to do; 2) understanding how to do it; and 3) actually doing it.

Additionally, Sum180 is at the forefront of applying technology and artificial intelligence to deliver financial advice that customers will actually use. Customers are willing to share even more of their personal information with their banks, provided they receive value in return, as evidenced by the results of the Accenture Financial Services 2017 Global Distribution & Marketing Consumer Study: “Globally, 67% will grant banks access to more personal data, but 63% want more tailored advice, and the same number demand priority services, such as expedited loan approvals, or a monetary benefit, such as more competitive pricing, in return for the information they share.”

“Because artificial intelligence can spot patterns and relationships on a scale impossible for humans, we can now overcome one of the biggest obstacles to engaging customers in their own financial wellbeing: providing each customer with the highly personalized, actionable advice they need, in the exact moment they need it,” continued Carla.

“When the financial services industry taps the power of technology to reach customers in context, I believe we will finally see Americans achieve the financial wellbeing they’re struggling to attain. That’s when we will see lives change,” Carla concluded.

Sum180 is an online financial wellness service, made for everyone, that starts where they are and gives them personalized next steps to help them improve their finances and live better, now and in the future.

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Robin Schoen
Robin Schoen Public Relations