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Financial Success for All

SUM180 is an online financial wellness service that delivers a financial plan so powerfully simple that employees are immediately ready to take action. We believe that, when it comes to money, everyone deserves a simple plan that gives them the financial advice they need to live better.

SUM180 equips your employees with tools they actually need to strengthen and build their financial picture

3 simple steps

3 simple steps

We provide three individualized Next Steps and progress tracking all available by app

access to advisers

Access to advisors

Affordable access to qualified financial advisers


Online community

An online community for engagement, to share and get answers

Not all financial wellness programs are created equal

Better than education

Better than education

You don’t need to be an expert on finance to take steps in the right direction. SUM180 helps you build a path forward and provides tips and advice for how to accomplish your individual goals in the moment, as you need it.

We don't score

We don’t score

SUM180 doesn’t judge - No matter how much you have in savings or how big your credit card debt. We will never give you a score or assign a grade to your situation. Instead, we help you figure out how to get to where you want to be.

We're comprehensive

We’re comprehensive

There are many components that make up your financial situation. SUM180 helps address each part of your picture by helping you take charge of what you Make, Spend, Owe and Own.

A new solution

You know you need a financial wellness solution

Financial concerns lead to absenteeism and lost productivity in 15% of employees
37% of full-time employees say they think about or deal with financial issues while on the clock at work.
61% of human resources professionals say financial stress is having “some impact” on employee work performance.
22% of human resources professionals say financial stress is having a “large impact” on employee engagement.


Employee financial stress has reached a crisis point

Since 2007, Americans have been saying that money is their top stressor
Almost half of American adults have problems with “paying household expenses on time”
50% of employees have $1,000 or less on hand for sudden medical expenses


It’s time for a new approach

As part of a company’s benefits offerings, financial wellness has big potential to drive engagement and retention – for the companies that get it right. It’s time for a new approach.

The SUM180 Difference


Starts with reviewing employee’s financial accomplishments, to help build confidence in ability to control financial circumstances

difference 2

Reccomendations are 100% individualized and delivered in small batches of 3 at a time to avoid overwhelming the employee


Each action item is tailored to be realistic for the employee’s current circumstances, making it easier to accomplish

difference 4

Employee can engage in SUM180 online community to share and learn in a more informal setting


Employee pursures financial adivsers only with they are ready

difference 6

Employee’s 401k investments can now be informed and encouraged with a comprehensive understanding of their financial picture