New Year's Money Resolutions

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    I’m not really big on New Year’s Resolutions, but I do use New Year’s Eve as a chance to reflect on the things that went well over the last 12 months (and try to double-down on that which I had control over), as well as identify the things that didn’t go so well. Two major points of emphasis from my time of reflection have been to create additional streams of revenue (something I did well in 2017 but would like to improve in the new year) and keeping a much closer eye on my budget (I was TERRIBLE with this in 2017).

    What are some of the money-related resolutions that you’re hoping to stick to in the coming year?

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    Now that I’ll be taking care of our newborn, I’ll be cutting back on my hours meaning we’ll have a whole lot less income coming in. For that reason, we’ll be taking a much closer look at our budget and reducing as many unnecessary costs as possible.

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    I remember that time very well! With both of our daughters, we cut back on everything that wasn’t absolutely essential. Saved us a ton and we actually continued a few of the habits once things were financially back on track.

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